Married Wife made pregnant by husbands best friend

My name is Mike, I'm well build, strong, 42, nice body, and I have a thing for my married best friends wife Elaine, especially when she acts all prim and proper and underneath her pretty, plain clothes, she wear the Victoria's Secret lacy, sexy, underwear...The yummy mummy's who are closet porn stars and sluts.

Elaine was such a wife, She was a gorgeous 38 year old, with a pretty smile, long brunette hair, and a pair of legs and massive 38ee firm tits that would make any man's cock hard, especially mine. Having fucked Elaine on two previous occasions, I just heard she was pregnant I had to find out if it was mine, if so I was going to seal the deal once and for all, by getting back that inside her sweet, wet, married pussy...But my chance came sooner that I had expected.

One night Pete called me up and asked if I'd like to go out and have a drink with him and Elaine to celebrate. Of course I said, thinking more of her than him. And within the hour, I was sat in the same hotel that they had their wedding reception in, but more importantly the same hotel that I first fucked Elaine in, laughing and joking with them, whilst the drinks flowed Elaine stayed off the drink due to her pregnancy. This did not stop my eyes kept straying over the tight, firm body of Pete’s gorgeous wife.

Elaine noticed me watching her over the rim of her glass, and she smiled, and stretched her arms out, and yawned, so that her 38ee tits were pressed tight against her blouse.

Pete did not notice me watching his wife, and he continued to talk happily, about work, home and how perfect his beautiful wife was, whilst consuming vast quantities of booze. Mean while I was mentally undressing and fantasising about Elaine.

"Anybody want another drink", Elaine said, and looked over at me, before getting up and walking slowly up to the bar, her ass and hips swaying sexily under her above the knee skirt. I licked my lips, made an apology to Pete and said to Elaine, "I'll come and help you."

At the bar Elaine said “why did you come out mick? Its hard enough being pregnant without you gloating”.

“So it is mine then Elaine?” “who else do you fucking think it is?” was Elaine’s short reply.

Pete getting worse as more drink flowed, it was decided to leave and take him home. Once in their home, pete stumble into the front from and went over to put a CD in the machine as he did, I left the room and followed Elaine into her kitchen, her perfume filling my head with its alluring scent. I watched her as she bent over and got something from the drawer, my eyes straying over her ass, and she turned to me as she straightened and said, "you know you want meagain, don't you?"

I looked at her and said, "Yes, I want to fuck you"

"Oh you do, do you?" she replied and laughed. Not a sarcastic laugh, but a teasing laugh.

The sexual tension was beginning to rise and I could feel my cock get hard under my pants. As Elaine walked over to the sink her hand strayed across the front of them and she smiled at me and she felt my stiffness. "I still get you rock hard you bastard?", she teased, and I kissed her hard then, pushing her against the kitchen door. My hands went up under her skirt and I found the waistband of her tiny panties, pulling them down, so the black, lacy string was down to her knees.

Elaine gasped and I spun her round, my head pounding as the blood rushed to my hard 8”cock. Not caring if Pete was in the other room, I whispered to Elaine to lift up her skirt and she obliged, her perfect round ass beckoning me above her black stocking tops.

I opened her cheeks and licked her little rose bud, making her gasp before my face was buried between her legs, licking at her swollen pussy lips, trying to suck those pink petals into my mouth. My tongue found her opening and I slide the tip inside, tasting Elaines juices.

"Stop" she gasped and pushed me away, and pulled her skirt back down again to make herself look respectable. As I got up, her face was flushed and she went to get a glass of water to calm down again.

I picked her tiny panties up off the floor and put them to my nose so I could inhale her scent, before putting them in pocket. I could see her nipples hard under her blouse, and she left the room quickly, before I heard her footsteps on the stairs, and a door closing. I checked the other room and saw Pete drowsy from beer watching sport on TV, the music playing from the speakers, and I began to make my way upstairs to finish what I had started.

Elaine was in her bedroom and I opened to door to find her stood up in front of the mirror, looking at my reflection as I walked towards her. My hands went over her massive tits and I began to unbutton her blouse, the lacy edges of her bra becoming exposed as hands tugged it open at the front.

She turned, her gorgeous tits hard, and my mouth found her nipples, licking them one at a time, my teeth tugging on them, as Elaine held my head in her hands pulling tighter into her tits.

Elaine reached behind her and began to unfasten her skirt, her tits now exposed and marked with my love bites. the thin strip of her dark pussy hair showing. She came over, and caressed my cock through my pants, unzipping them and pulling my stiff 8”dick out before kneeling and sucking it and licking under the shaft.

I pushed Elaine back to get her to lay down on the bed and I went down on her, not caring if Pete was downstairs, his wife in their bedroom having her pussy eaten.

She held my head as I licked and sucked her moist lips, my tongue tasting her honey and my cock was now ready to enter her. I looked into her eyes as my cock pushed open her married pussy and she gasped as I slid straight in, then out, until the tip almost popped out, before sliding in again with long, hard, slow strokes.

She turned me over and began to ride me, her gorgeous tits bouncing slightly and she leaned forward, her nipples in my mouth as her pussy worked its magic around my throbbing prick.

She told me between gasps that “as im having your baby why don’t you fuck me like the first time” I span her over and slipped my rock hard cock into elaines hot married cunt doggie style. She really enjoyed it from behind and I enter her hard, holding onto her hips and let her work her pussy on my slick cock.

I could feel my balls begin to tighten and Elaine could sense it too as her movements increased, fucking me back. I told her to get on her back again and put her legs on my shoulder as my wet cock slid inside her pussy like a knife through butter.

"Pete doesn't fuck me like this" she said, and I pumped her harder, my tongue inside her mouth to stifle her cries.

"I'm gonna cum Elaine, if I hadn’t knocked you up before I sure would now" she cried and I didn’t care if Pete would hear, but I continued fucking his wife as her pussy contracted on my cock. "OH GOD", she shuddered, as her pussy creamed on my dick, and this brought me over the edge, as I pulled my dick out and hot, creamy spunk pumped out on her pussy, her tummy and stockings, my orgasm sending fireworks exploding in my mind from the hot, kinky sex I had just experienced.

"That was the best fucking I ever had", Elaine said, and I kissed her on the lips, long, slow, hard, her breath still panting, and she touched the spunk on her tummy and put her finger in her mouth, before licking it off...

“I told you I was going to be your whore, and now im your pregnant whore carrying your baby” Elaine whispered. “ Pete could never fuck me as good as you do” “ now bite my tits and mark me as yours forever...