Mom the cougar

I am a young 23yo female who lives with my Mom, I am very voyeuristic by nature but this was hot. My mom is in her mid 40's, she has been divorced for 7 years. She meets younger men often but rarely brings them home. on this day, i had gone to my boyfreinds house where I was supposed to spend the night, but we had a spat and I left at approximately 1am to go home.

I arrived at about 1:20 am and noticed a car in driveway, yet all lights were off, that when I realized Mom had company. I quietly snuck into the house figuring they were asleep. My bedroom is on first floor, there's a bathroom next to me, under moms room. Her's is upstairs, next to it is small room that used to be Dads office, now its storage. I chose to go right to sleep, being tired and upset from my spat earlier.

After about 5 minutes or so I heard a banging noise, I thought it may have been my boyfreind at the door, so I went. "Hmm" i figured. Noone there. As I walked back to my room I heard it again, it was coming from upstairs, that's when I realized, it was MOM. As i snuck up stairs, i got intermittent but louder, so i snuck into storage room too listen.

My moms bed is against an outside wall, as I put my er to the wall I could hear her bed squeaking, with an occasional bump against wall. I listened for 10 min or so could hear muffled voices and squeaking. After a bit, I hear what I thought was him say " its all over" , I realized 10 seconds later, he said " Turn over". Suddenly they began to fuck really hard, I could hear skin slapping and the headboard pounding off the wall. They're voices got louder " Harder" I heard mom say.As I listened, i didn't know how to feel, this is my MOM, yet i was soaking wet. Suddenly he ramped it up.The skin slapping and headboard banging got louder and louder. So did mom. " it, fuck me" she said "OH YES FUCK ME HARD" this went on for 10 more minutes until I heard him groan.

I snuck back downstairs where I masturbated. I just heard mom get her brains fucked out yet it was so hot. I don't know how to feel. Since then, she know I heard her and is a little embarrassed, to bad, I would love to hear it again.